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This page contains various media assets for The Technician VR game. If you’re looking for information on Dumb Game Company itself, it can be found here.


Raw Gameplay: unedited gameplay of an early puzzle.

Early footage: Announce trailer. Explanatory “training” section followed by more representative gameplay. This features prototype levels that are (currently) no longer in the game.

Early footage: editor trailer. A timelapsed-yet-still-pretty-lengthy video of using the in-game editor to build the “training” board featured in other footage

Early footage: training. Explanatory “training” footage, highlighting some of the basic puzzle components. This is the first half of the “full” trailer above.

Early footage: mission. Early sample level featuring the player solving a puzzle while engaging in combat. This is the second half of the “full” trailer above.

Promotional Assets

DGC Logo 1024-light

Technician Logo

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