The Technician – v0.3.0

Update 0.3.0 is live! I decided it would be better to let people start playing around with creating content and sharing it sooner rather than later, so this update has enabled Steam Workshop support for everybody.

The editor and workshop are both pretty rough still, so there’s very little in the way of validation or error checking for user generated content. I expect this will lead to people breaking things in spectacular fashions, which I’m actually hoping will be quite useful in the long run. I also can’t make any promises as to the life expectancy of anything in the workshop, so don’t be too dismayed if your lovingly crafted puzzles vanish or become incompatible with future versions. If that doesn’t scare you off then you can check out the workshop page and get to creating, sharing, and playing custom levels directly from in the game.

Downloading Custom Content

You can find all the workshop levels you’ve subscribed to under the workshop section in the main menu room’s interface and launch directly into playing them from there. You can find and subscribe to new content via either The Technician’s Workshop page, which will show you the full description and a preview image for the level, or in game via a much simpler browsing list that’s accessible from the same menu you launch your custom content from (simply toggle the “Subscribed” slider to “Browse”). Make sure to head back to the workshop page and give votes to the creations you like!

Share Your Custom Content

Sharing your custom content for others to play is also very easily done from an in game interface. Once you’ve loaded into a custom level that you’ve created, you can open the “Sharing” section of the editor menu to see all of your previously uploaded levels. Selecting one of these will allow you to upload your current level as an update to it, or you can choose to publish it as an entirely new workshop item. A simple thumbnail image of your level will automatically be added to the upload, but make sure to add a title and description for your level! You can also un-publish any of your previous creations from here to remove them from the workshop entirely.

Other Changes

There are a few other minor fixes included in this change, as well:

  • Performance improvements for holo windows.
  • Cable physics tweaking.
  • Added cable physics quality settings to options menu.
  • Changed cable auto-dropping to be based on cable stress rather than distance between cable ends.
  • Fixed bug with reverse-connected cable serialization.
  • Updates to asset serialization.
    • There is migration logic in place to attempt to transparently update your old files, but be aware that this may still result in breaking or removing your save files or custom content!